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Archangel Muriel Presides Over June, Revealing a Message of Peace And Happiness

Happy first Monday of the new month!

Marilyn Glover
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An illustration of a female wearing a crown of flowers representing Archangel Muriel, the angle presiding over June. The background is pink, and Muriel is depicted with pastel colors, only revealing the side of her face. A text says, “Muriel-the angel of emotions, she asks us to be more aware of ourselves and the world around us.”
Archangel of June Muriel text image created by the author with Canva

Good morning, and Happy June, spiritual community!

Today's huddle focuses on Archangel Muriel, who is part of an order of angels in the second angelic sphere known as the Dominions. Acting as a channel between the first angelic sphere and the physical world, they direct divine love to all living beings through compassion.

Of Greek origin, Muriel comes from the word Myrrh, meaning scent of God or perfume of God, and is often portrayed as a female wearing a crown of flowers. 🌸🌸🌸

A soft yet powerful presence, Muriel directly links us to the divine through our intuition, lifting our awareness, awakening love and compassion in our hearts. She works closely with smell-related sensations, soft floral fragrances marking her subtle appearance.

Does your intuition work through your sense of smell or olfactory senses? Do you often smell floral aromas? This is Muriel’s subtle way of connecting you with the divine, heightening your awareness and developing your psychic sense of smell — Clairalience.

Archangel Muriel is a healer representing peace and happiness and comes to all who ask for her help. She awakens the spiritual light within, making one more aware, which reaps personal benefits and inspires compassion and love for others.

Often associated with the elemental kingdom and nature, Muriel's gemstone is rose quartz, and her corresponding color is rose-gold.

Call on Muriel when you are considering two paths and need direction. Call on Muriel in nature and allow her energy to work. She works well with all beings, people, plants, and animals and is especially attracted to those struggling with emotions and empaths. 🌸🌸🌸

Muriel wants all beings to be happy and peaceful and to share the gift of happiness and peace with others through compassion. Sometimes, those struggling to find personal peace and happiness will discover its rewards by helping others through acts of humanity and service. These acts are gifts that keep on giving, confirming the…



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