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Written by a Dual Citizen

United Kingdom picture collage: Big Ben, flag, double decker bus
Photo-Deposit Photos-United Kingdom Collage

I live in New York and have spent most of my life living in the United States; however, I am originally from England. I was born on a US military base in the United Kingdom, making me a dual citizen. My mother is British, and my father, an American she…

Humor, Short story, Cats

A Pair of Black Cats

Pair pear and pare

A pair of animated black cats sitting on a roof top
Image/Deposit Photos-1478902_I2015-black-cat-cats-roof

Many moons ago, in a suburb of Pennsylvania, there once lived an intriguing pair of black cats. Matilda and Mildred were the only survivors in a litter of ten, born of a sickly mother. Matilda, the oldest by three minutes, was long and lean, quick-witted and…

Hospitality Professional, Future ESL Teacher, Poet & Writer

Image- author, taken by author

Hello, thanks for stopping by! I am a 49-year-old seasoned hospitality professional with close to 2 decades employed in the hotel industry. Like many other folks, setbacks and changes occurred in my life within the last year due to the pandemic. In February 2020, just before Covid hit us hard…

Lifeline Poetry Challenge-Prompt 12

Little Rewards

A woman with long light brown hair taking a nap in the grass.
Photo by Maria Fedchuk on Unsplash

An early afternoon stretch, the little one rubs his eyes
Arms wrapped around me, latching on, a sleepy hug
I gently lay him down for a nap; he yawns, I copy-cat
Yawning is contagious; I follow suit, joining the babe-
Siesta time
One hour, give or take, a gentle retreat from the world
Mid-day dream time…

Lifeline Poetry Challenge-Prompt 10

Mum Knew Better

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Dull dishwater blonde hair, yet lovely curls
Ingeniously, a teenage girl creates her dream
Bleach processing; first try, ok, but not quite
Repeat the process; Wow, platinum premium
A Diva by self-design, imagination that roars
Perfect, except strands, are chemically altered
Tiny coils, gone, leaving hair sadly straight
Ahh, but the brilliant teen has another notion
A perm…

Marilyn Glover

Hospitality professional/ 20-year domestic violence survivor/ passionate about poetry, spirituality, animals & travel/born in the UK & lives in the US/

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